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Users report bleeding backlight on iPad 2

Updated 4 years ago
Published Mar 14th, 2011 2:47PM EDT

Reports about some iPad 2 defects are beginning to surface from early adopters, and among those issues is a claim that some iPad 2 units bleed light from the LCD display. One YouTube poster, who goes by the moniker ‘iamPhones,’ has posted a video that shows some light bleeding mostly from the bottom of the LCD. It occurs when dark colors and blacks are displayed inside apps, during dark scenes in movies, and during the boot phase. It’s possible that the glue, which holds the LCD panel to the iPad chassis, hasn’t set on some units and is causing this defect, but we’re not sure. We haven’t seen any LCD bleeding issues with our two iPad 2 units. Have any of you experienced similar problems? Let us know, and hit the jump for a video showing the LCD bleed in action.