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Windows 10: Microsoft is trying way too hard to get you to upgrade

Stop Windows 10 Update Notifications

The longer you wait to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC to Windows 10, the more annoying Microsoft is going to be. According to reports around the Internet, some users are beginning to receive notifications to upgrade that don’t allow them to opt out, instead giving them the option to either begin the upgrade or reschedule for a future date.

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But that’s not all — ZDNet reports that some users are also finding that Windows Update now only gives them a single option: Upgrade to Windows 10. They can’t even see pertinent updates to their current operating systems.

In an update to a previous blog post, Josh Mayfield, creator of the GWX Control Panel (which allowed users to remove the “Get Windows 10” icon from the control panel), says there’s nothing you can do to fix either of these issues yet.

Under a question asking whether or not GWX Control Panel can help, this is what Mayfield had to say:

“At this time, no. […] If you are seeing either of the [two screens below], exactly as they appear here, GWX Control Panel is not yet able to help you, although I am looking into whether it’s possible to fix these things through software. I do not have any recommendations at the moment, though, unfortunately.”

This news, coupled with the reports that Microsoft is automaticaly installing Windows 10 in the background on many Windows 7 and 8 computers, is certainly troublesome for users that are perfectly happy with their operating systems.

Unfortunately, it looks like Microsoft is going to force everyone to get up to speed, no matter what it takes.

Jacob started covering video games and technology in college as a hobby, but it quickly became clear to him that this was what he wanted to do for a living. He currently resides in New York writing for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.

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