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Spotify announces serious data breach – here’s what you need to know

Spotify Customer Data Breach

Spotify on Tuesday announced that a hacker had broken into its systems and used it to access internal company data. The company says that so far only one of its users’ accounts has been compromised in the breach so far, but it’s nonetheless taking extra steps to ensure its customers’ private data stays safe.

First, Spotify is going to some usersto re-enter their username and password to log in over the coming days” as a general precaution. Second, it’s going to send notifications to Android users to make sure they download the latest version of the app onto their phones, although it says it’s planning no such action for iOS and Windows Phone users — in other words, this seems to be a security problem primarily with Spotify’s Android app.

Spotify says that people who install the newest version of its Android app will have to re-download their offline playlists, which is certainly annoying but not nearly as annoying as having your personal information compromised. Spotify also says that it will be taking additional steps to improve data security in the coming days so you should definitely be alert for any additional messages the company sends out about this security breach.

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