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Sneak Peek at Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Concept Phone

Updated 4 years ago
Published Sep 28th, 2008 12:20PM EDT

Earlier this week, Sony Ericsson announced their not-designed-for-production GreenHeart concept phone that focuses on making a phone environmentally sustainable throughout its life cycle. The GreenHeart phone will feature bio-plastic housings, recycled plastic keypads, a zero charger with 3.5mW standby power, HTML based e-manuals instead of traditional printed ones, and environmentally conscious packaging. Sony Ericsson is taking this concept to industry partners and customers to help develop and design the features of this environmentally-friendly phone. The folks over at Mobile Cowboys got a sneak peek at the first prototype design and snagged a few pictures. Yeah, it is not as sexy as the XPERIA X1 but its not too shabby either; at least not for a concept phone made out of biodegradable and recycled materials. If this concept does become a reality, will this mean we can throw our old phones into the compost pile and have their remnants show up on our dinner plate come next harvest? Probably not, but the idea of a biodegradable phone is still very cool and very green.