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Samsung A637 is the Samsung “Milky”

Last week Engadget reported on an ugly unusual looking Samsung AT&T candy bar phone. Today, the folks over at CellPhone Signal identified the mysterious handset as the Samsung A637 complete with full specifications and a picture from the manual. We also just scored live pictures of the device. Here are the specs:

  • Dual-band EDGE and Dual-band WCDMA (850MHz/1900MHz)
  • User friendly, menu-driven access to features and options
  • Bluetooth wireless access with A2DP
  • Camera and camcorder (1.3 megapixel )
  • Video Sharing
  • Instant Messaging capability
  • E-mail
  • Featured applications provide alarms, calendar, calculator, record
  • audio, converter, timer, stopwatch, and world time.
  • File viewer
  • Multimedia Message Service (MMS)
  • Multimedia capability (with included Music Player)
  • Photo caller ID
  • Speakerphone capability.
  • AT&T navigator with 30 days free trial.
  • Web browser

Hit the jump to see what the BrewNinja had to say about this new Sammy phone and some more live shots!

Thanks, TRV$!

[Via CellPhone Signal]


Excerpt from BrewNinja:

The next iteration in coolness by Samsung will be the A637, codenamed “Milky” due to its off-white, translucent coloring reminiscent of 2% or non-fat milk. Yes, I believe this will be the answer to the marketing of the LG Chocolate series, but failing somewhat as it is just another camera phone. Marketed for the AT&T market, this will be the next little iPod accessory (because of the color) to possibly land in the hands of the tween crowd everywhere, unless, of course, they want music from their phone.

Again, since I only test the functionality of the applications in relation to the device, I can’t really go on much about it. It’s pretty light, slim, seems to fit in any pocket quite well. Almost well enough to lose it “accidentally” (that jaded factor, sorry, haven’t eaten yet). But, it does boast the ability to use it as an MP3 player (has a headphones port), a modest little camera for videos and pictures, and the ability to play all the recent MIDP 2.0 enabled J2ME games.

I do like the rounded, bowl-shaped D-Pad. It feels nice to have something for which my thumb to grip upon while navigating menus. The keypad is slightly off-center in relation to its surrounding keys, and the whole white scheme often makes it difficult to read numbers and letters on the small plastic keypad. But, being a 10-key typist as well as a gifted TXT’er, it’s not really an issue.

The screen is large and bright, despite it’s Medium classification, and quite crisp which follows suit for other Samsung devices. It is a 3G device, so it’s more than capable of surfing the miniaturized world wide web (WAP) at speeds tolerable to even the most finicky of a tween.

But, I’m tired, and must push this device out for deadlines as well. I can only imagine what the Milky holds in store for immature comments of the sexual nature.