The Internet has evolved at an incredible pace. Websites that looked amazing less than a decade ago are absolutely hideous by today’s standards — even the websites that are now worth billions of dollars.

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In order to demonstrate just how rapidly the Internet has changed, Ninja Essays put together a fascinating infographic that compares the most popular websites at launch vs. how they look today.

“Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, YouTube, eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Flickr changed the way we used the Internet,” writes Ninja Essays. “Back in their beginnings, these were rudimentary websites that contained some links and information. Today, they are some of the most beautiful and most efficient pages on the web.”

Google is a bit of an outlier, as its simple design hasn’t changed radically over the past two decades, but nearly every other website on the list is unrecognizable.

Check out the full infographic below:

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