While the timing of this latest Palm rumor is likely way off if the company’s history is to be considered, the subject matter seems fairly obvious: A WebOS-powered Centro-alike is in the works. Citing “a seemingly reliable firsthand source,” Palm Infocenter states that Palm will deliver a Centro 2 in Fall 2009. The handset will maintain much of the current Centro’s styling and will also be headed to Sprint. While it is very difficult if not impossible to imagine Palm releasing two new handsets so closely to each other, could this be part of Palm’s new strategy as it positions itself for a comeback? Yeah, we think not. There is no doubt that Palm will eventually issue a new handset powered by WebOS that uses a form factor similar to the Centro, but it is most definitely not going to hit the market a few short months after the Pre is released. A move like that would be ridiculously cannibalistic and Palm has shown us that it means business this time around. Besides, Palm will already be plenty busy dropping GSM Pre models around the world this coming Fall, leaving precious few resources to be allotted to a new Sprint handset launch.

Other rumors that have surfaced in the past few days indicate that the next Palm handset to sport WebOS will be a touchscreen-only candybar. Really? After all the little digs Palm reps gave the iPhone during CES? Just to be safe, maybe someone should start a rumor that Palm’s second WebOS-powered handset will be a clam shell so all the bases are covered…


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