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Nvidia’s most ambitious chip yet will be very hard for the Apple A9 to match

Nvidia Tegra X1 Processor Drive PX Announced

Nvidia has released a bunch of very impressive mobile processors in recent years but the company seems to have saved its most ambitious processor for CES 2015.

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At CES on Monday, Nvidia unveiled its new Tegra X1 processor that will be used to power its Nvidia Drive computers that are designed to be a step toward the era of self-driving cars. Nvidia describes the Tegra X1 as a “256-core chip” that “uses the same Maxwell architecture deployed in the world’s top gaming graphics cards” and “packs a full teraflop of computing power into a slice of silicon no bigger than a thumbnail.”

To demonstrate just how powerful this chip is, Nvidia will show off its capabilities in its Nvidia Drive PX that Nvidia says is “is a cockpit computer that can drive next-gen infotainment systems by lighting up to nearly 17 million pixels” that can also use “inputs for 12 high-resolution camera… to make driving safer and more enjoyable by introducing Surround-Vision and Auto-Valet capabilities.”

What’s more, 9to5Mac notes that early benchmarks of the chip show it clobbering not only last year’s Nvidia K1 but every other chip on the market as well, including the Apple A8X.

To learn more about both the Tegra X1 and the Nvidia Driver PX, check out Nvidia’s official blog at the source link below.

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