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Mystery hybrid phone pops up all over the Internets

We’re not quite sure what to make of this beast, but it’s all over the blogosphere and our guess is as good as any for now. It looks like a weird hybrid of a Helio Ocean, Palm Centro/Treo, Sony Mylo and touch of Open Moko. Judging by the unusual number of smudges on the screen, common sense points to a touchscreen / QWERTY combo. Your standard five-way toggle and smart buttons are there but when the T-swivel phone opens up, you see a mini-mouse pad and left and right mouse buttons. The keys look like the firm, bubbly keys we’d see on the Palm Centro or Treo Pro, which leads our buddy Dieter Bohn of TreoCentral to think that this might be the new “Roteo” that’s been in the rumor mill. Regardless of what this phone turns out to be, we’re afraid it’s going to be slapped onto our “do not want” list unless the final version gets some major tweaks.

[Via TreoCentral]


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