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Jawbone unveils two new fitness trackers: UP3 and UP MOVE

Jawbone UP MOVE UP3

Jawbone has announced two new devices for 2014, the UP3 wristband and the UP MOVE fitness tracker. The UP3 is the flagship follow-up to the UP24, the best fitness tracker available, according to BGR. The UP3 has a multi-sensor platform with a new tri-axis accelerometer, tracks detailed sleep stages, uses new algorithms to identify your workouts and connects with the iOS and Android UP App.

The UP MOVE is the entry-level companion device to the UP3, giving curious consumers the opportunity to test out the technology without committing to a full price product. It’s a much smaller device, but comes with a clip so you can easily attach it to your clothing. You will also have the option to buy an attachable wristband.

Jawbone says that the UP3 will be available later this year for $179.99 in Black Twist, with more color options coming next year. The UP MOVE will be available to preorder for $49.99 starting today.

The full press releases from Jawbone follow below.


The New UP® Wristband Captures Heart Rate, Detailed Sleep Stages and Automatic Workouts Through an Advanced Multi-Sensor Platform

SAN FRANCISCO – November 4, 2014 – Jawbone® today announced UP3™, a multi-sensor activity tracker that provides in-depth information about your health and fitness.

Inside its slim design, UP3 by Jawbone features a patented multi-sensor platform that collects and analyzes a wide range of biometric signals, delivering actionable insights specific to you:

  • Multi-sensor Platform: The advanced multi-sensor platform includes a new tri-axis accelerometer, sophisticated bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors. Using this technology, UP3 delivers resting heart rate – a key indicator of your overall heart health – and will capture more health data through future firmware updates.
  • Advanced Sleep: UP3 tracks detailed sleep stages including REM, Light and Deep sleep, providing in-depth information on your sleep and what you can do to improve it.
  • Advanced Activity: New smart algorithms allow UP3 to automatically identify workouts and classify your activities, including running, cross-training, tennis, and many more.
  • Smart Coach: The band connects with the industry-leading UP App to bring you Smart Coach – an intelligent system that keeps track of your progress and gives you personalized guidance to help you reach your goals faster. The more information UP3 captures about your sleep, activity, meals and other biometric signals, the more Smart Coach can do for you.
  • Smart Design: Designed by leading industrial designer, Yves Behar, UP3 features a slim, stylish, and low-profile design that you can accessorize with jewelry or watches on the wrist. With up to seven days of battery life, water resistance up to 10 meters and a durable anodized aluminum framework, UP3 is one of the only trackers available that achieves true 24/7 wearability. A secure, overlapping watch-style clasp allows you to adjust the band to fit almost any wrist size.

“Our mission was to create the world’s most powerful activity tracker in the smallest possible design, and we believe we have done that with the UP3 band” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “Our advanced, multi-sensor platform delivers a huge amount of new health data, backed by our smart algorithms and our highly personalized Smart Coach system. And because the technology is fully updateable, we’re able to unveil great new features and experiences in the coming months.”

Know Your Heart Health

Advanced bioimpedance sensors allow UP3 to automatically and accurately measure your resting heart rate, defined as your heart rate upon waking up, before other influences such as movement, exercise, or caffeine set in. Through the UP App, you can see your resting heart rate change over time and understand what a healthy heart rate means for you. A free, over-the-air firmware update coming soon for UP3 will allow additional health data to be captured.

Track, Understand, Act

The sophisticated multi-sensor platform in UP3 allows it to identify detailed sleep stages – REM, Light and Deep sleep – providing new insight into what happens when you’re sleeping. Stick to a consistent bedtime and de-stress before bed to try to get more Deep sleep, associated with body restoration and healing. Sleep longer to try and catch more REM sleep, associated with dreams, learning and memory consolidation.

The powerful sensors and smart algorithms in UP3 enable automatic activity detection after you’ve completed a specific activity or workout. The UP App will recognize many popular activities including running, cross-training, cardio exercise, tennis, hiking and others such as dance and Zumba. And the system learns from your behavior over time to auto-classify many other harder-to-recognize activities like swimming, cycling, weights or yoga.

The UP App’s Smart Coach feature uses the rich information captured by the band to deliver personalized guidance and challenges tailored just for you. Learn what you can do to improve your activity, sleep, diet and heart rate so you can reach your goals faster and make a greater impact on your health and well-being.

Available This Year

UP3 by Jawbone will be available later this year for $179.99 at and at Apple and Best Buy stores nationwide in Black Twist, with additional color options to be introduced next year. The UP by Jawbone App for UP3 will also be available later this year as a free download from the App Store, as will a compatible Android app.


Jawbone Unveils New Entry-Level Activity Tracker, Powered by MotionX®, To Help You Move More And Get Fit

SAN FRANCISCO – November 4, 2014 – Jawbone® today announced UP MOVE™, a new, easy-to-use activity tracker that helps you get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it.

At just $49.99, UP MOVE by Jawbone is the simplest way to get credit for your steps, exercise and calories burned while also capturing detailed information about your sleep. And UP MOVE lets you learn more with Smart Coach – the UP® App’s intelligent approach to personalized guidance and deeper insight that helps you move more every day.

“UP MOVE is a fun, easy way to track activity and at just $49.99, it’s a great option for anyone at the beginning of a fitness or weight loss journey,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “Incorporating the same best-in-class lifestyle and activity-tracking features of our UP and UP24 bands, the UP MOVE tracker combines style, versatility and comfort with highly accurate tracking and personalized guidance.”

Stylish New Design

Press the face of UP MOVE to see its sleek, hidden LED display light up to show you your progress toward your goals at a glance. Press once to display your step progress, twice to display the time, and three times to display your sleep from the prior night.

Made from a durable, nylon-like anodized aluminum, UP MOVE comes in five brilliant colors with corresponding clips so you can easily fasten it anywhere. Place the tracker discreetly in the coin pocket of your jeans, or use it with the clip to wear it on your sock, belt or bra. Colorful hypoallergenic wrist straps are also available in two widths, slim and standard, allowing you to wear UP MOVE on your wrist and mix and match it with your personal accessories.

UP MOVE comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to six months, eliminating the need for regular recharging. It uses the same circular batteries found in digital watches and remotes, which are long-lasting and easy to replace.

Move More with Smart Coach

The accelerometer built into UP MOVE counts your daily steps without missing a beat, no matter where you go or how you wear it. UP MOVE can also be worn in bed to accurately track sleep, including hours slept and sleep quality. For optimum results, wear the comfortable wrist strap accessory during sleep.

UP MOVE connects wirelessly with Jawbone’s industry-leading UP App via Bluetooth® Smart, syncing regularly in the background to track your progress throughout the day and night. Smart Coach, the UP App’s intelligent guidance and insight system, stays with you every step of the way to help you understand what changes you should make, and encourages you to move more each day. You’ll get a deeper understanding of how your diet, sleep, activity and other choices affect your overall health and well-being, and you’ll be motivated with personal challenges like drinking eight glasses of water in a day, or taking 2,500 more steps.

With UP MOVE, you can connect with anyone in the UP system, regardless of whether they use Jawbone’s original UP® and UP24™ bands, or simply the free UP App for smartphones and wearables. Members of the UP community who have three or more teammates are likely to take 1,000 more steps per day which equates to 10 extra miles per month, according to Jawbone data. Use the new UP leaderboard to see how you stack up against your teammates for a little healthy competition.

Powered by MotionX®

The tracker is powered by MotionX® technology to provide a comprehensive summary of your daily progress, including steps and sleep.

“We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, but the vast majority of people have little to no insight into their nightly sleep habits,” said Philippe Kahn, founder and CEO of Fullpower. “UP MOVE is a leap forward in changing what we know about our daily behavior thanks to more than 170 million nights of sleep tracked and analyzed, and years of research and development on the biomechanics of natural human motion. Whether you are sleeping or awake, UP MOVE gives you accurate sleep and activity tracking using patented advanced sensing technology enabling ultra-long battery life.”

Available This Month

UP MOVE by Jawbone includes the pod-style tracking device, a corresponding clip and a replaceable battery, and it comes in a selection of five brilliant tracker and clip color combinations including:

  • Black Burst, Onyx Clip
  • Blue Burst, Fog Clip
  • Grape Rose, Purple Clip
  • Ruby Rose, Red Punch Clip
  • Slate Rose, Yellow Clip

It will be available for pre-order in select colors on beginning November 5, and will be available for purchase at, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy and Target stores later this month. The Grape Rose UP MOVE will be offered exclusively at Best Buy stores and on

Wrist straps for UP MOVE – available in slim and standard widths – will be sold separately in Onyx, Fog, Red Punch, Purple and Yellow as single straps for $14.99, and in assorted three-packs for $29.99.

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