There are plenty of free public Wi-Fi hotspots around, but the problem with the free Internet you get in restaurants, coffee shops, airports and hotels is that the traffic isn’t necessarily secure. If you’re worried about browsing the web on such a connection then you should know there’s a way of fixing it: The InvizBox Go, a tiny device that’s currently looking to raise $100,000 in pledges on Kickstarter by October 14th and that promises to anonymize all your public Wi-Fi traffic.

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InvizBox Go has an internal battery that lasts for up to five hours, and it can pick up a wireless signal and create your own secure connection. The gadget offers an “enhanced Tor experience,” relying on VPN to protect your browsing. The device will work with any mobile device including the iPhone 6s and any Android handset.

InvizBox Go will also offer you access to any content site, including ones that might not be available in your country.

Additionally, the device can be used at home for the same purpose, and can even act as a network extender in those areas of your house where Wi-Fi signal is spotty.

The InvizBox Go also acts as an external battery pack that should provide extra juice for your smartphone.

The gadget costs €79 on Kickstarter, if you hurry, and will ship anywhere in the world this February. Every tier includes one year of Premium VPN service (which will retail for $4/month after the first year) that gets you “the best unmonitored, unlimited VPN available with global access/exit points.” A free VPN solution will also be available to backers who aren’t looking to pay extra for special VPN privileges.

A video explaining the InvizBox Go follows below.

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