So let’s say you’re interested in the iPhone 6 Plus’s massive 5.5-inch display but are worried about whether it will be comfortable for you to use as your primary mobile device. Don’t worry — a simple graphic posted on the Reddit iPhone page could tell you everything you need to know.

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As you can see, the graphic gives you an estimate of your thumb’s overall reached based on the average thumb and hand size of people your height. This isn’t a perfect metric, of course, since people of the same height can have differently sized hands, but it’s definitely a good general overview of how you can expect the new iPhone 6 Plus to feel in your hands.

Anyone who is between the heights of 6 feet tall and 6’5″ should have no problem reaching most of the display with their hands. Anyone who is shorter than 5’9″, however, should think twice before buying the device since it will clearly be less easy to use with one hand.

Of course, ergonomics aren’t the only consideration when buying a smartphone — as the success of the Galaxy Note series has shown, people just love giant smartphone displays. If that’s the case for you then you should pick up the 6 Plus regardless of how uncomfortable it might feel to hold at first.

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