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Developers still more interested in iOS than Android

Apple and Google are both readying their annual developer conferences that are set to take place later this month. Each company is expected to announce new products, updates and other news regarding their various platforms. As competition between Android and iOS continues to heat up, analytics firm Flurry has found that Apple continues to garner more support from developers, despite Android’s greater market share.

For every 10 apps that developers build, roughly seven are made for iOS while only three are for Android. Apple’s dominance in the tablet market is among the reasons why iOS has been more attractive to developers according to the report, as is the fact that for every $1.00 a developer earns on Apple’s platform is equivalent to only $0.24 on Android.

“Apple offers the most compelling ‘build once, run anywhere’ value proposition in the market today, delivering maximum consumer reach to developers reach for minimal cost,” Flurry analyst Peter Farago wrote. The firm goes on to claim that Android fragmentation is still an issue and is increasing the complexity and cost for app developers.


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