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The very first thing you should do after turning on your new iPhone 6

iOS 8 Tips And Tricks Privacy Settings

At long last, you’ve got your iPhone 6 back home, you’ve unboxed it and you’re getting ready to turn it on. But wait — there’s something you and everyone who’s installed iOS 8 onto their older iPhones should know about iOS 8’s privacy settings.

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ZDNet has put together a fantastic guide for everyone who wants to make sure their iPhone is protecting their privacy while running iOS 8 and it offers seven essential ways you should change your privacy settings on your device before you start using it.

Among other things, the guide gives you tips for stopping apps from tracking you while you aren’t using them, how to stop apps from accessing and uploading your personal data such as your contacts list, how to make sure your iMessages get deleted after a certain period of time, how to enable the Find My iPhone feature in case your device is lost or stolen, and a whole lot more.

Given how much more emphasis Apple has been putting on maintaining user privacy both in the wake of revelations about the NSA’s vast surveillance practices and after the massive iCloud hack that exposed celebrities’ nude photos, this is definitely something you should consider checking out. Read the whole guide by clicking the source link below.

Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.