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Awesome smart motorcycle helmet raises more than $650K in a single day

Indiegogo: Skully AR-1 Smart Motorcycle Helmet

The next gadget to take crowd-funding sites by storm is the Skully AR-1, a smart motorcycle helmet that needed to raise $250,000 by September 9th to become an actual product. However, the Skully helmet has already passed that goal, raising over $650,000 in its first Indiegogo funding day.

The Skully helmet will offer users a heads up display, access to a rearview camera, GPS support, and hands-free phone and music control features to further improve their motorcycle-riding experience, not to mention safety while on the road.

The Skully helmet is made of lightweight, aerodynamic polycarbonate, it’s “highly weather resistant,” and features an anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare E-Tint visor, which also acts as a heads up display.

The helmet will connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, with the company planning to offer riders access to more applications on top of the basic phone, GPS and music features in the future, as developers will have access to a Skully SDK.

To offer smart devices, the Skully motorcycle helmet relies on a battery that will offer up to 9 hours of continuous use, and which can be recharged via a standard micro USB cable.

The cheapest Skully AR-1 currently costs $1,399 on Indiegogo (for the U.S.), and it’s available in Matte Black of Gloss white. International Indiegogo users will have to pay $1,599 for the smart helmet, and all Skully orders will be shipped at some point in May 2015.

Videos showing the Skully helmet in action follow below.

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