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Google Suggest: Optimize your search, minimize your brain

Updated 4 years ago

On its blog, Google announced its new search tool, Google Suggest, which will be rolled out as a default feature on Google’s search engine over the next few weeks. The new search assistant will attempt to suggest words for you as you type them into the search box. It is touted as being a time saver by helping you formulate accurate queries, reduce spelling mistakes, and save keystrokes. Sound great doesn’t it? But with Google’s domination in the search market, there is going to be a lot of “suggesting” going on. It makes us wonder what will happen to our ability to think if we let Google think, oops I mean Suggest, for us? Firefox has had this feature for a little while, but we have to admit, it’s pretty darn cool using it directly in Google. Just one thing, though… what in the heck is the Boy Genius band? Can we get in on that?