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Get an Asus and get some Warez

September 18th, 2008 at 2:24 PM

What would you do if you put in your recovery disk for your Asus laptop and your anti-virus software alarms started going off? You would do what a reader over at PC Pro did. You would do some investigating. He first realized that something was amiss when his anti-virus was kicked off  by the presence of a keygen (credited to Freddy Kruger) for WinRar on the recovery disc. Unusual to say the least. A little file searching on the recovery disc pulled up a directory named “crack” which apparently contained serial numbers for other software packages. That is not the worst of it, further searching pulled up another directory that contained confidential Microsoft documents for PC manufacturers and associated keys and program files. Lastly, he located some internal Asus documents that detail “major problems” identified by Asus as well as source code for Asus software. He isn’t alone as other Asus owners report the same keygen and other unusual files on their recovery discs. According to PC Pro, Asus is investigating at a high level and was unable comment on how the files got on the disc. Psst, Asus, you may want to have a little talk with those people compiling the recovery discs for you. Tell them to lay off Pirate Bay and keep the confidential files on the “internal” servers where they belong.


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