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The Galaxy Note 3 seems to do better in bend tests than iPhone 6 Plus

Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test Video

Apple has an unexpected iPhone 6 situation on its hands, as it appears various iPhone 6 Plus users have managed to bend the device while holding it in their pants pockets. YouTube channel Unbox Therapy did a manual iPhone 6 Plus bend test, managing to significantly bend the device in the process, and the video quickly went viral. Soon after that, Unbox Therapy returned with a similar test for the similarly sized iPhone 6 Plus rival from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3.

FROM EARLIER: ‘Bend but don’t break’ is a weak defense for the iPhone 6 Plus

While you may expect the plastic Galaxy Note 3 to do worse than the iPhone 6 Plus – and the Galaxy Note 3 also bends under pressure just like the iPhone 6 Plus does – it turns out that Samsung’s top phablet will revert right back to its original form. Not only that, but the Galaxy Note 3 is also still working too. Maybe plastic is fantastic after all, at least for this type of accident.

Unbox Therapy also tried to fix the bent iPhone 6 Plus unit by bending it the other way, but the screen apparently cracked.

“Should not we be amazed that his phone didn’t snap in half under this pressure? That the glass didn’t fracture? Under pressure like this, bending but not breaking seems like an extraordinary feature,” Apple enthusiast John Gruber wrote on his blog about the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate situation.

And the answer is, yes we should. Both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 3 didn’t snap in half under pressure, their glass didn’t fracture either – well, at least not at first – and both kept functioning after that. “Bending but not breaking” seems like an “extraordinary feature” the Galaxy Note 3 also comes equipped with.

The Galaxy Note 3 bend test video follows below.

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