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File-sharing prospers despite increased legislation

Despite numerous attempts to halter file-sharing services such as The Pirate Bay, users continue to download copyrighted files. According to Lund University’s Cybernorms research project, file-sharing levels remain stable because those downloading the files out feel that they are doing nothing wrong, and the introduction of aggressive legislation has done little to reduce the amount of file-sharing carried out by young people, TorrentFreak reported. “In Sweden we saw a moderate drop in file sharing in 2009 when IPRED was implemented. Since then it has remained at approximately 60 percent among 15-25 year old people,” said researcher Marcin de Kaminski. “Our conclusion is that repressive actions that lack societal support may still have effects, but that the effects are limited.”

Kaminski believes that “a higher degree of pressure or social control would most possibly have a clear impact on habits and practices regarding file sharing.” The research also found a slight increase in the number of young people who use file-sharing services on a daily basis, up from 18% in September 2009 to 20% in January 2012, and more file-sharers are using anonymous services to hide their activities as well.