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This 17-year-old Disney expert knows more Disneyland secrets than you do

Disneyland Park Secrets Mysteries

No matter how much you love Disneyland and everything Disney-related, chances are you’re not familiar with all the park’s secrets and mysteries. In fact, most Disneyland fans aren’t probably familiar with all the interesting quirks that the Happiest Place on Earth hides. Thankfully, there’s a 17-year-old Disneyland fan whose life mission appears to be learning everything there is to know about the park.

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Gavin Doyle is the teenager behind Disney Dose, a website that offers fans many interesting details about the Disney universe, focusing on the parks. In an interview with Business Insider, Doyle revealed some 15 secrets about Disneyland that many visitors might appreciate.

Steve Martin worked in Disneyland while he was a teenager, Doyle revealed, well before becoming the accomplished comedian he turned out to be. “[He] eventually graduated into Merlin’s Magic Shop in Fantasyland,” Doyle said. “He attributes much of his comedic timing to practice in the magic shop and to Disney Legend Wally Boag, the star of the long-running show, the Golden Horseshoe Revue.”

Doyle also said that Disney vents certain smells intentionally into the streets, such as the candy smells from the Candy Palace & Candy Kitchen.

The company is very careful with all details that its guests might notice. For example, the tunnels in the park are meant to represent the curtains opening on the stage, while the red brick ground is supposed to resemble a red carpet. Horses have special hooves to make the clip-clopping sound louder, and Disneyland is the place where everybody knows your name if you’re an employee – it’s right there on the nametag next to your hometown.

There’s even a “no color” used in the park to hide certain things from the public eye. “The goal of [the ‘no-see-um-green’] color is to cause the object to fade into your color spectrum so that your eye will miss it completely,” Doyle explained. “The best example can be found on the outdoor lift hill of Big Thunder Mountain, where you can easily see backstage by turning your head to the right. Most guests simply don’t see this backstage area as everything is covered in Disney’s special green-colored paint.”

The Tiki Room is one of the two attractions in Disneyland that has a dedicated restroom, and all the beverages inside the park come from Coca-Cola. “In return for this brand loyalty, Coca-Cola gives Disneyland free syrup to make all of the soft drinks,” Doyle said. But Disney still has to pay for containers and cups.

More Disneyland secrets are available at the source link, as shared by Doyle.

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