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Clarification on Yesterday’s BlackBerry 9000 Post

December 21st, 2007 at 11:50 AM

Last night, while browsing Google News and a few BlackBerry-related forums, we realized that our post published yesterday on the BlackBerry 9000 device caused a bit more confusion than we had originally expected, despite our best efforts to reduce any negative reaction to the new device.

  • The new BlackBerry 9000 is an actual device not a reference to the entire post-8000 series successor;
  • The new BlackBerry 9000 device is not one of the previously mentioned 9100, 9300 or 9900 device families, all of which are expected to feature a 3G radio in the form of UMTS and HSDPA (GSM evolution);
  • The release of the BlackBerry 9000 should not be expected to delay any release dates for the BlackBerry 9×00, which we anticipate to first be the BlackBerry 9900 corporate device with an early to mid-May 2008 pre-availability announcement.

We hope that clarifies some of the information given yesterday that was apparently misinterpreted by many sources and persons. I’m personally not the least bit upset with RIM for releasing yet another EDGE-limited device, as the physical changes to the device more than establish a future of extremely hopeful possibilities for all of us BlackBerry users and fanatics.

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