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BlackBerry 8800 Gets Integrated GPS

October 12th, 2006 at 10:22 PM

For quite a while, internal GPS has been available for the various flavors of iDEN handsets. With the release of the 8703e, CDMA handsets received this useful functionality, albeit disabled for Verizon users (currently available only with the SprintNextel 8703e). Following far behind in the GPS world is the GSM handhelds and the BlackBerry Pearl/8100, although it’s Location-Based Services (LBS) is limited to a an external bluetooth-supported navigation puck. News has circulated stating that the BlackBerry 8800 will receive GPS, although it had been speculated that it would be identical to the Pearl’s limited GPS capabilities that required an external device working in tandem with the BlackBerry Maps application.

Now, for the exclusive news to TBGR, the location-based services available in the 8800 will be integrated GPS support, meaing no third-party hardware requirements will be required.

From an XML file unavailable to the general public:


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