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BlackBerry 8120 Correction; New Information on the BlackBerry 8110

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 5:54PM EST

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It appears we were a little off with our previous posting, stating the BlackBerry 8120 would feature both Wi-Fi and GPS. From the FCC filings, assuming the information released is the final release version for the United States, it is revealed that RIM has not, in fact, overcome the technology that barrier that did not allow them to place both receivers in the 8300 series, so expect the BlackBerry 8120 model to hit the shelves with Wi-Fi capabilities only. Also, for T-Mobile adopters who are salivating at the thought of another Pearl to add to your library collection, better hold your breath, as this model should launch first on AT&T.

In other news, we are hearing the BlackBerry 8110, which will feature a GPS receiver, will be on target for a launch in early 2008. We reported on this device back in July, and more recently have started to think that it would never see the light of day. Now, with all the hooplah and hype surrounding the BlackBerry 9100 release at some point next year, we have to wonder if both the BlackBerry 8110 and BlackBerry 8120 are too much of an upgrade too late in the game in the United States. Perhaps if it launched sometime in the neighborhood as our European brethren, these extensions of the Pearl family would have a better chance at stateside success. Only time will tell, though.