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10 awesome paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps July 21 2015

It’s that time of day again when we tell you about paid iPhone apps that are now free to download for a limited time. Following up on yesterday’s big list, we’ve come up with an even bigger list of 10 different paid apps that you can get for free if you act right now. Check them out below!

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

AV Aid

Normally $0.99

AV Aid is an Audio Visual technician’s toolkit and test generator.

When you connect your device with a VGA or HDMI cable to a projector or flatscreen monitor, AV Aid will detect and display all available output resolutions for your device. You can then select one of these custom resolutions and AV Aid will generate and output color bars.

The audio test generator is also expansive, including left, right, center, phase test, pink noise, white noise, sweep, a test song and more. You can now designate your own custom test song from your device’s music library.

There are several other handy AV features like flash light, strobe light, party light, IR detector, and cable connector resource guide.

– Added ability to select custom test song from your music library.
– Now detects and displays possible video output resolutions from mobile device when connected.
– Added ability to output programmatically generated color bars for any available output resolution.
– Audio will now continue playing if screen is locked (dimmed).
– Added accessibility labels and hints to buttons for visually impared users.

Download AV Aid


 Normally $4.99

AirPhotoViewr is a wifi photo Viewer lets you direct view your photos from your computer without sync.

Do you think that is very troublesome to import photos from your computer,especially when you have to keep updating photos?
Is it not enough memory to hold your thousands of photos?
Wish to direct view photos form your computer without synchronization?

AirPhotoViewr can satisfy you.

AirPhotoViewer is a home wifi network photo Viewer that lets you direct view your photos from your PC to your mobile device(iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) without import form itune
And it is also a photo sharing app ,let you share photo to others over wifi.

The features :
1.View photos on you pc without sync over wifi.
2.Slideshow,Browse thumbnails,Zoom Photo ,Drag to view next.
3.Download photos from pc,view photos offline.
4.Share photos as a website.That you can access you photos over web browser.
5.Share photo to another device as a AirPhotoServer.That others can use Air-Photos to access your photos.
6.Automatically discover available servers on the network.
7.Support set password for each image folder send photos between AirPhotoViewer
9.Support share camera roll
10.Support Air-Print ,Twitter photo ,Facebook,save photo to camera roll
11.Support web upload
12.Suport External Display(Airplay Mirroring)
13.Support large Thumbnails
14.Support Rectangle Thumbnails
15.Support Sort by Time

Download AirPhotoViewer


Normally $2.99

They say when you lose one of your senses, the others get enhanced…

This is what Blindfolded is all about. It´s a game about trusting your instincts. Letting your mind lead you through 60 levels – completely Blindfolded.

Download Blindfolded

12Bar Chord Charts and Set Lists for iPad

Normally $4.99

12Bar is the easiest way to create and share chord charts and set lists. Create and share lyrics, charts and sets with your band and friends. Intuitively designed by musicians for studio and live performance. With 12Bar, musicians can quickly create chord charts in the most elegant and intuitive way possible, with a tool that they already know how to use. You can have a complete chart ready to go in just minutes of downloading the app.

Dragging and dropping chords is so much fun, and creating the set lists is easy and painless. You can change the key of any chart after you’ve created it, and 12Bar automatically transposes the song for you. You can modify each chord just the way you want. Separate your song into sections. Make notes on charts and sets. Search your songs quickly and accurately. Perform your sets!

Create, edit, share and collect chord charts for reference while practicing or performing. Used by professional bandleaders and music teachers to create, share and perform. Free 12Bar reliable cloud server for Facebook friend sharing and backup tablet switching.
Use as a learning tool, performing on stage and in the studio. Guitar, piano, keyboard, organ, bass, ukulele, and banjo – acoustic and electric. Transpose to any key quickly – including different keys for different band members with capos.

Chords charts, lyrics and set lists

Drag and drop chord charts and song section tiles. Copy and paste, manually type or even sing lyrics. Organize chord charts and set lists by group, date or venue as well as title, BPM and key. Drag and drop charts into any order for performance of unlimited sets. Archive sets by date and location and reuse with added charts, sharing with new band members.


With 12Bar, quickly search your charts and sets. Whether you’re looking for a specific lyric, artist or even location, 12Bar searches your charts and sets, delivering results so you can find that perfect song for that perfect performance!


No matter how perfect your chart is, there’s always a need to take notes. With 12Bar, making a note for your chart or set list is just a tap away. This way the bass player won’t come in early and the drummer remembers all those stops!


Perform Mode in 12Bar puts your charts front and center. Most songs are longer than the iPad screen—that’s why we’ve included song sections you can customize so with just one tap anywhere on the screen, you’re in the next section!


Once you’ve created charts, drag them to s set tile on the home screen. When you open your set, you get a simple view of your charts. Re-order them to create the perfect set list or make set notes so everyone is on the same page.

Easily Edit and Create

With 12Bar, musicians easily create chord charts and set lists by dragging and dropping tiles. It’s fun and intuitive. Once you’re done, your bandmates can edit the charts you send to keep everyone up-to-speed!

Arrange Charts and Sets

You can arrange how your charts and sets are displayed by choosing sort options like title, key, BPM and even the gig’s location!

Full Performance Mode

In perform mode, charts and sets come first! Choose to view the full chart, chords-only or text-only and notes for each chart are a tap away! Pick white text on dark or dark on white if you prefer angelic uplighting from your iPad!

Share with Facebook

12Bar connects you to your friends on Facebook and lets you share chord charts and set lists with them! It’s so easy, your non-musician friends might even want to join the band!

No more wasted paper, empty ink cartridges and dried up sharpies! Create and share lyrics, charts and sets with your band and friends. Based in Dallas, Texas, with 12Bar, musicians can quickly create chord charts in the most elegant and intuitive way possible, with a tool that they already know how to use. You can have a complete chart ready to go in just minutes of downloading the app.

Download 12Bar Chord Charts

Eternity Time Log – Personal Timesheet

Normally $4.99

Focus on the work that matters and avoid distractions. Make sure you get enough rest to stay productive and enjoy your hobbies, family and friends.

Eternity is a simple solution to the “what was I doing all day, week…?”, “where is my pen and paper” and “all work, no fun makes me a dull boy” problems ;)

It is used by many people, in many ways, from personal development, through project tracking, to billing.

Just define your activities hierarchy and start timers as you go through your day. Adjust logs and review reports any time.

••• FEATURES •••

• Any number of activities in any hierarchy you like
• Multiple timers
• Tags
• Favorites/Recents
• Active timer alert for Pomodoro-like productivity techniques
• TouchLog – zoomable, all touch-based log editing and adjusting (Logs->top-left-icon)
• ChartFlow – navigable pie charts for reports
• WiFi backup to PC or Eternity on other device
• Backup to email message
• Backup to Dropbox
• Activities color coding
• Automatic seconds rounding (configurable on Settings, disabled by default)
• Editable day-by-day logs
• Daily, weekly, monthly and custom reports view with detailed statistics
• Report filters by activities, tags, weekdays and hour ranges
• Export reports and time sheets to Excel (via email with .csv attachments or Dropbox)
• Show/hide children activities to easily log time on different hierarchy levels
• Adjust times for the current and previous log entries
• Easy access to the current activity
• Highly configurable

One device? Eternity Cloud will automatically backup your data, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Multiple devices? Eternity is Universal which means it works great on your iPhone, iPod Touch and your iPad. Make most out of your devices by switching between them freely and Eternity Cloud will make sure they are all synced and backed up.

Eternity Cloud is available for $0.99 a month or $9.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase.

Download Eternity Time Log

OrgChart – Organization Chart and contact management

Normally $2.99

Simplify organization chart maintenance, exporting and sharing, without the complexity of drawing hassles.

OrgChart for iPhone is THE easy to use organizational chart app for the iPhone, Visualize, maintain and simplify organization units on a tree structure, without the complexity of drawing hassles – OrgChart automatically draws them. Simply enter an item and the maintenance panel will helps to customize unit color, shape, size, text visibility and layout – bring INTUITIVE and discoverable organization chart maintenance experience to users. An option for the tree structure organization chart.

Importing from iOS contacts AND batch inputing use make the organization units inputing easier, faster and more efficient.

Organization charts can be exported as Image and PDF files, with more exporting options. Organization chart also can be shared to other devices, via iCloud, Email, Airdrop and third part cloud apps.

OrgChart also can be used as personal contact app to organize your contacts in a tree structure.

● iOS8 needed
● Feature video –
● Support –
● UI language: English; Data language: Unicode (multiple languages)

– Multiple organization charts organized in chart groups
– Maintain in outline and chart views
– Organization chart duplication and importing
– Import organization unit from iOS contact
– Batch organization unit inputing
– Unit properties updating – Photo, Unit name, Job title, Leader, Phone, Email , Notes
– Unit rendering and layout customization (Automatically render units by the options of sharp, color, size and layout)
· Unit property visibility
· Unit color
· 8 unit shapes
· Unit size
· 9 unit layout (customize the layout of sub units)
· 3 line styles
– Gestures
· Pinch to zoom
· Double tap to edit unit properties
· Long press to show function menu
· Tap with two fingers to collapse/expand all groups together
· Swipe left/right to change hierachy
· Hold and move up/down to change sequence and move across groups
– Display organization chart as colorful or black/white style
– UNDO support
– Copy/Paste support
– User interface customization options to user
– Exporting full or partial organization chart as image,Excel and PDF files (with PDF exporting options for PDF page size and zoom)
– Exported as colorful or black/white (Automatically align with the current display color style)
– Export organization chart data file for sharing
· Share via Email and Airdrop
· Open in Dropbox and Box cloud app for sharing
· Open in support to import organization chart on other devices
– Fully optimized for iOS 8, in a clean user interface

OrgChart is designed for easy the creation of organization chart by avoiding complex drawing – all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning.

Download OrgChart

Spark Camera

Normally $3.99

App Store Best of 2013 and Apple Editors’ Choice
Spark Camera supports iPhone 4S and higher.
Shoot, edit and share beautiful movies in seconds with Spark. Here’s how it works:

•Press & hold anywhere to record, release to stop
•Do this as many times as you’d like to create multiple clips
•Slide to change filters during playback (Patent Pending)
•Tap the music note to add a song from your library
•Tap the save button to save to your camera roll
•Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, or email!

Spark lets you to record, enhance, and share life’s best moments through beautiful HD videos. What ignites a spark in your life? A gorgeous sunrise, an afternoon with friends at the beach, a kid’s smile… whatever it may be, the world is full of inspirational moments; capture them with Spark Camera.


•Take as many Sparks as you’d like
•Create HD 720p videos
•Add music from your music collection
•Apply high quality filters
•String together up to 45 seconds of footage
•Share via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, and AirDrop
•Delete the last clip captured if you want to reshoot
•Have unlimited Sparks in progress
•Save to your Spark gallery as well as your camera roll

Final Cut
• Import videos from camera roll
• Rearrange clips
• Delete any clip
• Trim beginning or ending of clips

Download Spark Camera

Chronicle – Bill Management & Reminders

Normally $1.99

The easiest, fastest bill manager in the App Store. A universal app for iPhone & iPad, and updated to support all iPhone sizes. Includes iCloud sync.

Chronicle now includes support for Apple Watch, including notifications and a glance view to quickly see how many bills are due soon and what is due next.

If you pay bills, you need Chronicle.

Here’s why: A single late payment can cost you $30 or more and cause your credit score to plummet by up to 100 points.

Chronicle reminds you to pay your bills, so you can just enter them, and forget about them.

Plus, Chronicle syncs with the available Mac version via iCloud or Dropbox, so you can view and pay your bills everywhere.

In addition to reminding you to pay your bills, Chronicle keeps track of all your payment history, including confirmation numbers, so you always have proof of payments.

Chronicle allows you to enter your bills quickly, and updates your due dates as you log payments. It also integrates with Launch Center Pro to make logging fast, and with the 1Password browser so you can pay your bills online easier.


Download Chronicle


Normally $0.99

This is the OFFICIAL and Original TWiT Application
This is the #1 TWiT app of all time
▸ Watch and listen to the entire TWiT network Live or Archived
▸ This app is used by 1,000s of people in 80+ countries around the world!

Join Leo Laporte, Mike Elgan, Sarah Lane, Fr. PadreSJ and others daily on the netcasting network

◆ Features: ◆
√ Live Video Streaming
√ AirPlay support!
√ TWIT Show calendar
√ Archived Netcast Video and Audio
√ CHAT in the #twitlive IRC chat room.
√ Full Background support
√ Landscape Video support
√ Incoming call Pause / Resume support
√ External monitor / TV support (component cables)
Got an iPad? Use the #1 “TWiTpad” app!
Search for TWiTpad or click the ‘Developer’s page’ link above

◆ What is ◆

The Netcast Network with Leo Laporte features the #1 ranked technology podcast This Week in Tech, along with over 20 other top-ranked online shows.

Since 2005, our shows have provided news, commentary, help, how-to and perspective on the latest trends in digital tech from seasoned experts and journalists.

Leo hosts and produces many of the shows, but as the network expands new hosts and participants are added. You can learn more about our shows here.

All of our shows are free. TWiT is supported by advertising and listener donations. We limit the number of ads on each show, and we only accept advertising from companies whose products or services benefit our audience.

As we’ve grown, our facilities have expanded into a multimillion dollar studio and a full staff to produce over 30 hours of content a week. Our live stream lets you watch and listen to our shows being produced, along with other incidental coverage of tech issues, breaking news, and Leo’s personal life. You can watch live every day of the week (and re-runs when we’re not live) at

Thanks for visiting TWiT! We hope you enjoy the shows, and if you do, you’ll share them with others.

Download TWiT

The Island Castaway 2

Normally $4.99

Have you played the prequel to this fascinating game? Don’t miss The Island: Castaway – on iPad and iPhone!

The much-anticipated sequel to the vibrant simulation game The Island: Castaway is here! Embark on an unbelievable adventure that will change the life of the island’s tribe. Stranded on the island once again, travel back in time to uncover the history of the island years before the original castaways landed. Decipher tricky riddles to become a New Man of the tribe. Explore the large, picturesque island and learn to fish, catch multipedes, shoot the leap-quicks and boars, garden and harvest, cook, make arrows, cut trees and even practice sorcery!
Create potions and always be mindful about your protection while you are exploring the dangerous Marshy Woods and the mysterious Ancestors Woods. Keep a sharp eye to be able to complete the Rarities Collections and help the weird scientist, Professor Langst. Meet all the inhabitants of the island, discover the tribe’s many secrets and see who will be the new Island Keeper. By solving tons of challenging quests, you’ll eventually be able to find out why the tribe left their village and what the Sanctuary originally looked like – before the big mystery was revealed!

● A huge, colorful island to explore
● Over 300 intriguing quests to complete
● 16 original and engaging characters
● 28 rarities to collect for Professor Langst
● 11 unique recipes to master
● Dozens of vegetables, herbs and fruits to grow
● Fascinating storyline and stunning artwork
● Game Center Support
● iPhone 5 support

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish

*NOTE* This game only supports iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 4th and 5th generations. It requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Download Island Castaway 2


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