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Play This Now: This Free Browser Game Will Have You Glued to Your Screen All Weekend

Arrow Hero Free Browser Game

It’s been several weeks since we last shared a free browser game to occupy your free time, but thanks to a tip from The New York Observer, we finally have our next recommendation. The game is called Arrow Hero, and like all good browser games, it’s both deceptively simple and highly addictive.

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In order to start playing, all you have to do is press any of the four arrow keys on your keyboard and wait for the arrows to start cycling through the game window.

Unlike Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, you don’t need to tap the arrow at the exact moment that it passes through the box at the top of the screen — instead, just tap the corresponding arrow before it reaches the box to change the input. As long as the arrows match, you score points.

If the arrows don’t match, a thin green bar at the bottom of the screen begins to shrink. You can fill it back up by tapping the correct arrows, but if it disappears entirely, you lose the round. I’ve already played a few times, but I’m fairly certain it won’t take any of you long to beat my high score of 401. Oh, and by the way, in case those conversations with your neighbors get a little stale over the holiday weekend, the game works great on your mobile device as well.

Click here to play Arrow Hero

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