One of the great perks of being an Apple customer is that you can walk into any Apple retail store and receive professional help whenever a problem or issue happens to affect your iPhone or Mac. Unfortunately, there are reports that employees at an Apple retail store in Brisbane, Australia may have abused the trust bestowed upon them in a severely disturbing manner.

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According to the BBC, Apple recently discovered that some of its employees were allegedly caught stealing intimate photos of women from phones that they were otherwise supposed to be fixing. What’s more, these same employees reportedly took photos of unsuspecting female customers and would routinely rank their physical appearance on a 10 point scale.

In a statement on the matter, an Apple spokesperson said: “Apple believe in treating everyone equally and with respect, and we do not ­tolerate behaviour that goes against our values. We have met with our store team to let them know about the investigation and inform them about the steps Apple is taking to protect their privacy.”

Interestingly enough, Apple did confirm that some employees at the store were terminated yet maintains that there is no evidence that female customers were victimized.

“Based on our investigation thus far,” Apple said, “we have seen no evidence that customer data or photos were inappropriately transferred or that anyone was photographed by these former employees.”

If that is indeed true, then what prompted the termination of several retail store employees?

It remains to be seen if more information surrounding the investigation will emerge, but we’ll make sure to update this post if and when that happens.

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