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Anonymous urges public to protest the European Union and INDECT [video]

Notorious hacker-activist group Anonymous is back with another operation that aims to strike fear into the hearts of lawmakers in the European Union. While the operation does not involve any cyberattacks, Anonymous is attempting to rally supporters for a massive protest on July 28th. The group is protesting the EU-backed research project INDECT, which looks to develop technology that can automatically detect criminal threats by analyzing conspicuous behavior online and in real life through various surveillance measures. Opponents of the project contend that it is an invasion of privacy that collects data illegally. “We have been accepting the claims of disclosure of our private data for too long in order to prevent acts of terrorism,” Anonymous said in a video posted on YouTube. “People started to accept being treated as potential terrorists or criminals, being more and more deprived of their basic rights, and allowing the surveillance society to gain increased control over them.” Anonymous’s video follows below.