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Scary Android malware uses Facebook to bypass two-factor authentication

Published Apr 17th, 2014 7:15PM EDT

Android users have yet another piece of malware to worry about. PC World points out a technique that is specifically targeting Facebook users who use mobile banking. On computers infected with this trojan, users will see a message when visiting Facebook’s website alerting them that “due to a rising number of attempts in order to gain unlawful access to the personal information of our users and to prevent corrupted page data to spread Facebook administration introduces new extra safety protection system.”

If users click on the alert, they will then be directed to a page that instructs them to specify their mobile operating system and phone number. After that, they are then given a QR code for downloading an app on their Android device. This app, called an iBanking app, disguises itself as a security app for creating single-use passwords. Once the app is downloaded, it will then ask for administrative access and will then use this access to capture security codes for apps and services that use two-factor authentication.