Google must have known this was coming. In the ever-present battle between mobile manufacturers and hackers, it’s always a game of cat and mouse. New OS build is released, hackers attack, hackers win, manufacturer patches – lather, rinse and repeat. Apple was welcomed to the game pretty quickly and so far the cycle has been pretty much in favor of the iPhone dev team; updated iPhone jailbreaks are typically in place even before new OS builds are even released into the wild. And so on to Android we go. Earlier this week, it was revealed that users could gain root access on the Android OS. The method for gaining access was extremely simple and made use of the PTerminal app available from the Android Market. No matter though, as Google’s response was lightning-fast and a patch is already being pushed out that prevents access.

We’ve been notified of this issue (Jailbreaking of Android) and have developed a fix. We’re currently working with our partners to push the fix out and updating the open source code base to reflect these changes.

OS RC30 is the new version number to look out for that includes the patch. Of course it’s surely only a matter of time before the fix is busted, the new bust is patched, etc. As open as the Android OS already is, it will be interesting to see what hackers come up with as far as giving users a reason to play the jailbreak game.

[Via IntoMobile]


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