Battery life remains one of the most frustrating things about modern smartphones, which could do so much more if battery technology ever manages to progress as quickly as tech does in other areas. But alas, the battery barrier remains. Making matters significantly more frustrating is the fact that our smartphones are often plagued with bugs that cause excessive battery drain. One such bug was identified recently in Android, but luckily there’s a simple, though annoying fix to improve your battery life with the press of a single button.

As noted recently by ZDNet, there is a bug in Android processes as well as third-party Android apps that causes rapid battery drain. In a nut shell, some background processes used by various Android apps can hang, causing what ZDNet refers to as “Sudden Battery Drain Syndome.” To most users, there’s really no rhyme or reason because the drain begins seemingly without cause, and it can happen at any time.

But as the site points out, the solution is simple: Reboot your phone.

Annoying and frustrating though it may be, rebooting the device will clear the device’s cache and kill any Google services or third-party processes that might have been hanging and causing excessive battery drain.

For more on how to extend your Android phone’s battery life, check out this app, and you should also make note of many of these tips and tricks, which can be applied to iPhones and Android devices alike.

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