Wal-Mart, the nationwide mega-retailer known for low prices and lower employee relations, finally confirmed this past Friday that it would be offering the iPhone 3G for sale beginning today. As promised, locations around the country started setting up new displays last night and low and behold, the iPhone 3G is ready to rumble as of this morning. This brings us to the end of a long and winding road recounted in this post, and as we’ve said before, positions Apple’s next handset perfectly. Many hardcore Apple’s fanboys shed a tear upon hearing the news however, despite the fact that Apple has gained a massive new retail channel, as the handset’s presence at Wal-Mart effectively erases any semblance of exclusivity that came along with owning an iPhone. Sure it’s already one of the best-selling handsets in the country, but this is viewed by some as the last nail in the coffin as far as the odd misconception that owning an iPhone is a status symbol is concerned. Whatever the case, 2,500 Wal-Marts and 69 Sam’s Clubs around the country are now stocked with iPhone 3G handsets ripe for the picking. So who’s headed to Wal-Mart today for some “discounted” iPhone 3G action?

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