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3G iPhone coming within 60 days

Let the games begin! Everyone’s favorite tech Godfather, Walt Mossberg, has just dropped a bit of a bombshell on us. The Wall Street Journal’s resident guru nonchalantly revealed in a recent interview that we would be seeing a 3G-capable iPhone within the next 60 days. Given the recent supply issues, big ticket Apple order rumors, and off-hand statements from luminaries such as AT&T CEO Ralph De La Vega, we’re not entirely surprised by this bit of info, but 60 days still places us just before this year’s WWDC. No word on any other feature improvements, or aesthetic changes, though. If it looks anything like the black prototype we’ve recently uncovered, you won’t hear any complaints on our end.


Born with a cell phone in one hand and a tablet in the other, Josh Karp has followed his love of technology through to the present day. As a Special Correspondent at BGR, Josh covers press conferences, trade shows and other events around the world. An expert in all things mobile, Josh has more than eight years of experience covering the wireless industry.