If you are a music maker, a podcast narrator, or if you have been looking for a better microphone than what is built into your computer, the BGR team has the found deal for you. Amazon is offering a limited-time and limited inventory-deal on the very popular Blue Microphone Yeti USB model. In fact, you can grab it for 33% off at just $99.99 and the item is still Prime eligible.

The Yeti will connect to your computer via a USB port, and will work with either a PC or a Mac out of the box. It has three condenser capsules inside which should let you capture audio with great clarity in almost any situation. The microphone also comes with its own stand, and it can pivot up and down for the perfect recording angle.

This limited lightning deal comes to an end in less than 7 hours, and it was 20% claimed at the time of this writing.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver, $99.99 with free Prime shipping