What can Facebook tell about you just from the things you “Like” on your page? Quite a lot, actually. The University of Cambridge’s Psychometrics Centre has put together a handy online tool that will use your Facebook Likes to draw an outline of your overall personality. While the tool didn’t get every detail of my life right — I am, in fact, married and not single, for instance — I was still impressed by how accurate it was.

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The university’s Apply Magic Sauce tool guesses your gender, your sexual orientation, your religious affiliation, your political outlook and more. It also gives you an overview of your general personality traits based on the things you like. Here were my general traits:

The tool also determined that I have average overall happiness and that I have above average intelligence. Yes, trolls, that is your cue to say the website just lost all its credibility.

To try the tool out for yourself, go here and click on the For You tab at the top of the page. Then click on the words “Try It Now!” and give the website access to your Facebook likes. From there it will take just seconds to give you your own personality profile.


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