Avid to win Apple iPhone orders and keep the company as customers, suppliers rarely comment about the company’s plans regarding upcoming products. And when they do, they make sure not to mention either Apple or iPhone by name.

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That’s exactly what Japan Display CEO Mitsuru Homma did on Thursday, telling reporters that it’s “biggest client” is increasing orders for a certain component.

Japan Display makes smartphone screens for various handset makers, but its biggest client is “widely understood” as Apple, Reuters reports.

Homma, who was appointed this June, said that China’s economic problems that will translate into a weaker demand for smartphones will not be affecting the orders for display screens from its top client.

China, the world’s largest smartphone market, is also one of Apple’s biggest regions. Selling as many iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus units there will be crucial to Apple’s bottom line.

“They’re coming to us with more orders, saying ‘give us more, give us more’. They keep increasing,” the CEO told Reuters, without actually revealing any numbers.

This isn’t the first time Apple is tipped to plan a massive iPhone 6s launch this year. A few months ago a report from The Wall Street Journal said that Apple might be preparing its biggest iPhone launch yet. Since then, various analysts said that in light of the current economic events in China, Apple might not be able to pull off a record iPhone sales quarter this Christmas. Instead, the company will match last year’s iPhone sales performance – an all time record so far – in a best case scenario.

Homma did comment on the next iPhone, saying that “There’s difficult technology being used… But I think ramp-up is going well.”