Seriously… how cool is this? popSLATE has created a protective case for the iPhone 6 that does much, much more than just protect your iPhone — it actually adds a second display to the device. That’s right, a screen on the front and a second screen on the back. What’s more, the second display is an E Ink panel, so you don’t have to worry about it draining your battery.

popSLATE’s Second Screen case is obviously quite unique, but it’s about function as much as it’s about form. Sure, you can display things like photos from your Instagram feed to use the E Ink panel as a showcase, but it can also display boarding passes, news, Twitter updates and plenty more.

Here’s a video of the case in action:

If you hurry, you can save $19 on this case right now. It’s typically a great value at $129, but $110 is an absolute steal.

popSLATE Second Screen for iPhone 6, $110 with free Prime shipping
Use coupon code POPAMZ15