For years I’ve debated whether local TV news anchors are actual human beings or are simply humanoid robots that have been programmed to deliver an endless stream of mind-numbing stories without the risk succumbing to a mental breakdown. Now I know that the TV news world has at least one full-blooded human left in its ranks: John Brown, a morning host of Fox 35’s Good Day Orlando program who recently left the set to protest covering Kylie Jenner naming her pet rabbit “Bruce.”

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In his off-camera rant about the story, Brown said he wasn’t just annoyed about covering Jenner’s rabbit but was annoyed talking about the Kardashian family in general. The Jenner sisters, in case you care, are maternal half sisters to the Kardashian sisters.

“I am having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today,” Brown said. “I don’t care about this family. I’m sick of this family. It’s a non-story! We’re talking about the family every freakin’ day on this show. Nobody cares about this family anymore! I’ve had enough.”

The crew at Good Day Orlando proceeded to subject its viewers to Jenner’s pet bunny anyway despite Brown’s protests. Regardless of the impact this on-air rant has on the rest of his career, I can’t help but salute Brown as a true American hero.

Check out the full video below.

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