For many iPhone owners, Google Maps is an invaluable tool, preferable to Apple’s flawed, but steadily improving, first-party Maps app. Unfortunately, once the sun goes down, it’s usually been necessary to turn the brightness down on the phone’s display when using Google Maps, especially if you have your phone sitting in a holster in your car.

But no more.

This week, Google finally added night mode to Google Maps on iOS devices.

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As The Verge notes, this feature has been available in both Apple Maps and the Android version of Google Maps for years, but it has eluded Google Maps users on the iPhone until now. Once you update the app, the map will automatically swap over to a darker color palette at night while you navigate to your destination.

The update also brings the ability to give custom labels to places on your map and allows users to edit posted photo captions. If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, be sure to head to the App Store soon and check out night mode after the sun sets.