It looks like Windows 10 has fixed a lot of issues users had with Windows 7 and Windows 8, even though not all pre-release bugs have been squashed. In fact, you might discover things you don’t like here and there, though Microsoft is ready to fix some of them with quick updates.

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But there’s one Windows 10 error that’ll leave you completely stunned: The Something happened error message bug.

The image above, which went viral on Twitter, says it all. Forget blue screens of death and any other Windows error message you can think of. This is the most glorious error you can encounter. Something happened with your computer during Windows 10 setup, the error tries to tell you, but Windows isn’t exactly sure what it was or doesn’t have what it takes to describe it in more words so that a human can understand it and act accordingly.

The Something happened error seems to be more like some placeholder text for a more general error message, and Microsoft will probably change it considering it’s not helpful at all, no matter how funny it might be.

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