Lifehacks are a mixed bag. On one hand, they usually open our eyes to a brilliant solution to a common problem. On the flipside of the coin though, they’re easy to forget. Do yourself a favor… look through the 10 incredible lifehacks we’ve compiled below, and then bookmark this page so you can refer back to it periodically.

We promise, you won’t be sorry.

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Never struggle to open a jar again. Mind = blown.

You’ve been doing it wrong your entire life.


If there’s a better use for a drill than peeling an apple in under three seconds, I haven’t found it.

Can openers have always been a nuisance.

Another reason to drink beer out of a can.

Cook smarter, not harder.

Another great one for the kitchen.

All this time, you’ve been holding it wrong.

There is no classier way to open a bottle of wine.