It should be Apple’s day today, considering the company has just launched the Apple Watch – well, sort of “launched” – but we’ll divert our attention for a second towards a terribly inappropriate Google Maps Easter Egg.

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First discovered by Cult of Mac, the Easter Egg can still be found when looking at Rawalpindi, Pakistan in Google Maps, but it’s likely it’ll be removed soon.

As seen below, the Easter Egg consists of a massive Android robot urinating on what’s clearly an Apple logo. Switching to satellite mode makes it disappear, but it’ll pop right back when you go back to Map mode.

It’s not clear at this time why Google let the joke go public, or when the Easter Egg was first added to Google Maps. Despite the fierce rivalry between Google and Apple, things might have gotten a bit out of hand with this particular joke.

A screenshot showing the rather inappropriate Easter Egg follows below, and you can check it out yourself at this link, if it’s still available.