This is what you call selfie dedication. Outdoorsman Andy Davidhazy went on an epic 2,600-mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail that spans all the way from Mexico to Canada and took one selfie for every mile he walked. He then combined these selfies into an incredible timelapse video that chronicles his entire journey in the span of just under five minutes.

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Davidhazy starts out the hike clean-shaven but it doesn’t take long for him to grow a full scraggly beard that he doesn’t shave off again until he’s around 40% finished with the trip. It’s also remarkable to see his landscape change around him as he goes from the more arid parts of the trail in Mexico to the full forested areas in Canada.

This timelapse video is essentially an awesome little promotion for Davidhazy’s short film Lost or Found about his journey hiking the trail. Learn more about it by clicking here.