According to the latest reports, the Apple Watch will be able to last all day with moderate usage, but the chances of squeezing more than a day out of it without putting it back on the charger aren’t very high. For most users, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you plan on fiddling with your Apple wearable all day, it might not last until you get home.

If that sounds like you, the Reserve Strap might be right up your alley.

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The Reserve Strap is still in the conceptual phase, but the team of designers behind it believe they have the best solution to one of our biggest concerns about the Apple Watch.

Speaking with 9to5Mac, the design team explained how the Reserve Strap will work:

The band will have embedded batteries and utilize magnetic inductive charging similar to the new MagSafe wall charger for the Apple Watch. We don’t have hard numbers yet but based on current testing projections, we believe we will be able to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch by up to 125%.

Once the team gets its hands on the finished product from Apple, the final design decisions will be made. There’s no firm release date for the Reserve Strap yet, but if you’re confident that this group can put together a worthwhile product, you can preorder now for $249.99.

Watch the pitch video below:

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