The third season of the critically acclaimed Netflix original series House of Cards is going to be available for streaming (and downloads) in just six weeks, but Netflix released an official extended trailer for the upcoming season, to remind all fans that their beloved political drama is soon going to be available for binge watching.

FROM EARLIER: Netflix announces House of Cards’ season 3 premiere date, posts tantalizing teaser video

Unlike the short 13-second teaser trailer posted in early December, the new House of Cards 3 trailer is longer, featuring several of the characters we’ve gotten used to from previous years, but also some new additions to the cast.

The show promises even more interesting action, as Frank and Claire Underwood will have to face even more significant challenges.

“When the stakes are this high, Frank and Claire Underwood have but one option: fight to stay on top,” Netflix wrote on YouTube, without revealing any other details about the upcoming show’s plot.

The new season of House of Cards is going to be available for streaming on Netflix starting with February 27th, the company reminds us. Anyone who wants to get caught up on the show can watch the first two seasons in their entirety on Netflix right now, of course.

The new trailer is available in full below.