Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box is still the best-selling device in the electronics category on, having recently displaced Google’s cheap Chromecast dongle. Since Amazon never shares sales figures, however, we’ll never know exactly how well the Fire TV is selling. With a wave of new apps and games including a Flappy Bird exclusive recently hitting Fire TV, Amazon felt it was a good time to help boost sales even more — and it will likely do just that with a new limited-time discount offer.

“We’re celebrating a boatload of new apps. Get $15 off Amazon Fire TV, for a limited time. Now $84,” Amazon said on its Fire TV page. The sale price represents a 15% discount from the Fire TV’s standard $99 price tag.

Amazon’s Fire TV is a small set-top box that rivals devices such as the Apple TV and Roku’s set-top box lineup. It is powered by Android and allows users to stream movies and TV shows via Amazon’s Prime Instant Videos service as well as other third-party services. The box also supports various apps and games, and Amazon sells a dedicated video game controller separately.

Those interested in taking advantage of this limited-time sale will find a link to Amazon’s Fire TV page below in the source section.