Android’s notification system is without question the best in the business right now. It’s flexible and actionionable, providing a means for users to interact with notifications to save steps. For example, a user can archive or delete a new email in Gmail without ever having to open up the app. As great as Android’s notification system is, however, there are still plenty of apps that abuse it and pester users with annoying or useless notifications.

Thankfully, there is a remarkably simple way to stop annoying apps from bugging you with notifications.

As noted by Phone Arena in a recent post, a few quick taps and a change to a single setting can save you from dozens of headaches in the future by completely silencing annoying apps that hit you with needless notifications.

Start by going into Android’s Settings app and scrolling to the “Apps” entry. Now simply scroll down to the app that you want to mute and tap on it. Disable the “Show notifications” options, and you’ve silenced that pesky app for good.