Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 probably won’t launch for about another two months, and all we have to go on right now in terms of what to expect is a series of leaks and unconfirmed reports. That won’t stop more than 30 companies from taking preorders for Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 6, however.

FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 and next-gen Retina iPad mini rendered by design master

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported that more than two dozen sellers have taken to Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace in an effort to capitalize on the incredible amount of hype surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. The phone is expected to be the first iPhone to feature a significantly larger display; Apple’s iPhone 5 increased the screen size to 4 inches from 3.5 inches, but the increase only added vertical real estate and was not terribly useful.

As noted in the reports, sellers are offering to assist customers in purchasing Apple’s new iPhone 6 once it launches by obtaining phones from the United States and Hong Kong. There is no guarantee that phones will be delivered to customers in a timely fashion following the iPhone 6’s launch, however, and required deposits range from $80 to nearly $1,300.

One seller even created a website that copies the look of Apple’s own online site in an effort to promote iPhone 6 preorders. An image of the site, via 9to5Mac, follows below.