Google has a brand new Google Now feature related to reminders that will let users easily create new reminders by simply searching inside Google for “add reminder,” or “create reminder” followed by a name, date or place, Google Operating System revealed. The new feature will also support more advanced commands such as “add reminder to buy milk tomorrow” or “create reminder to buy sandwich when I am in Chicago.”

For the reminder to be registered with Google Now, users will have to click the “remind me on Google Now” button found at the bottom of a special new “Create reminder” box that will appear on top of the Google search results page.

Users will be able to create reminders for tasks, places to visit, events, and others, with Google Now delivering the appropriate notifications in Android, iOS and Chrome for desktop once that “remind me” button has been pressed.

Google is constantly updating its Google Now virtual assistant. For example, only recently, Google announced that users will be able to talk back to Google Now, to correct via voice misunderstood commands.

Images showing this new Google now feature follow below.