Recent reports have claimed that Google won’t be making a Nexus 6 smartphone this year, and will instead replace the Nexus family with a new Android Silver line of premium devices. What’s more, LG has also denied that it’s working on such a smartphne, which is significant because LG was responsible for developing the last major Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 5. However, Ausdroid has learned from “a source within Google who is close to the project” that the Nexus 6 is still very much in the picture and will be launched later this year.

According to the source, the phone will sport an LG G3-like 5.5-inch display, although it’s not clear whether it’ll be a QHD display or whether LG will have anything to do with it.

A different report from Android Police has revealed more details about Google’s Nexus 9 tablet, a high-end device made by HTC rumored to launch by the end of the year, in time for Google’s Android L release. That report, however, made no mention of a Nexus 6 smartphone.

Ausdroid’s source did not reveal other details about the Nexus 6 other than to apparently confirm that such a device really is in the making, and that it will feature and even bigger display than its predecessors.