When it comes to privacy, Facebook is hardly a shining beacon. Despite efforts in the past few months to clear up its image, it continues to upset privacy advocates, most recently with its decision to use your browsing history to show you more targeted ads. Of course, Facebook wants all this information to serve better ads, which in turn allows it to keep the social network we’re all addicted to free. After decisions like this, though, it’s worth being reminded about just how much Facebook knows about you, which is exactly what The Wall Street Journal did with its list of the most important things that you’re sharing with Facebook. Here’s just a taste:

  • Thanks to Facebook’s recent decision, it now knows what websites you browse and will allow advertisers to target ads based on this information. If you want to prevent Facebook from using your browsing history, check out our post on how to do so.
  • Facebook also knows what you look like, ever since it launched facial recognition for photo tagging. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it’s DeepFace facial recognition technology is 97.25% accurate and is now “closely approaching human-level performance.”

This isn’t all Facebook knows about you, though. To get a better sense of just how much Facebook knows, check out the rest of the WSJ piece by clicking the source below.

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